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How to BUY your Phuket Holiday Home ONLINE ?

If you’ve been to Phuket before or have seen its mesmerizing beauty in pictures…

Investing in Singapore vs Investing in Phuket!

Are you thinking of making a real estate investment in Singapore?

Property Ownership: Freehold VS Leasehold Explained

Our Sales Manager Sandra Van Calck tells you everything you need to know…

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Chinese Videos by Dora (中文视频)

普吉岛一线海滨投资项目 (An investment with a View)





高端海景公寓项目 我们的销售经理Dora为您介绍在普吉岛的最佳投资型公寓项目。

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34 Properties
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Bang Tao
22 Properties
44 Properties
Nai Harn
20 Properties

If you want the best in life for your family, I can share all that Phuket has to offer with you in English and Russian. I’ll not only match you with your ideal home or investment property, but I’ll also provide you with an exceptional after-sales service to make sure your new home is everything you dreamed of and more.

How would you like to see your family’s smiles in the sun? Let’s work together!

Kirill Krailov
Russian Property Expert

My career goal is to help my clients get their dream properties on the paradise island of Phuket. If you want the best options for investment properties or holiday homes here in Phuket, I will offer you a full and professional service and provide suggestions for both new and resale properties in English and Chinese language.

Looking for your lifestyle assistant in Phuket? I am ready for you.

Liu Zhi Jun (Dora)
Chinese, and English Property Expert

Clients often tell me that they don’t know where to start in Phuket. I love seeing their faces when I give them a free tour of properties that match their needs. Showing clients that their dream tropical lifestyle is attainable in Phuket is enormously rewarding for me, and I can do that in English, French, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, and German.

Do you dream of a property in Phuket? Let me take care of you!

Sandra Van Calck
French, English, German, Chinese and Arabic Property Expert

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