5 of the Best Trips to Take from Phuket

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If you returned from a relaxing vacation over the 4-day weekend last week, chances are you’re experiencing the holiday blues. You’re probably reminiscing about paddleboarding on sparkling blue waters or hiking up lush green mountains while staring aimlessly at your computer screen at work. If you’re counting the days until your next trip, don’t despair, there are plenty of holiday destinations so close to Phuket that you can escape every weekend!

Enjoy this Beautiful View off Phuket

1. The Phi Phi Islands

A picturesque spot that has been attracting holiday-goers and filmmakers like a siren call, the Phi Phi Islands are definitely among the most sought-after holiday destinations in Thailand. With dreamy beaches, azure waters, and stunning rock formations that contrast perfectly with the surrounding greenery, the Phi Phi Islands are undoubtedly the ultimate tropical paradise just a 45-minute speed boat ride away from Phuket. Once you’re there, you can rent a long-tailed boat and roam the islands’ blissful waters and take in the colorful marine life while snorkeling. Once you’ve dried off, you can hike to Ao Lao Dalam, try your hand (and legs) at rock climbing, and visit the majestic Viking Caves. Whatever you choose to do while you’re on the Phi Phi Islands, rest assured that you’re in for a good time!

2. Krabi

Krabi needs no introduction! Home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches and limestone karsts that tower over you as you cruise the crystal clear waters, you’ll feel as if you’re in a surreal utopia from a fantasy movie. From scuba diving to parasailing, there are plenty of water activities you can enjoy in Krabi. At the same time, there are many cultural activities you can indulge in. Take a stroll around the Tiger Cave Temple, check out the breathtaking Wat Kaew Korawaram, and shop at the Krabi Town Night Market while devouring delicious local delicacies. Krabi will definitely steal your heart.

Take in the Limestone Karsts in Krabi

3. Khao Yao Noi

It’s hard to understand why the island of Khao Yao Noi isn’t as popular as Krabi or the Phi Phi Islands. While island-hoppers who have seen the mesmerizing beauty of Khao Yao Noi with their own eyes would tell you that the island should be up there with the most popular spots to visit in Thailand, there’s a silver lining to its lack of recognition. You can get the island all to yourself! Take in the warmth of the sun on the island’s beaches, explore the vibrant waters teeming with colorful fish, explore the island on a bike, take a cooking class, and meditate in one of the most tranquil places in the whole of Thailand. When you’re in Khao Yao Noi, you’ll feel as if the island was created just for you. If that isn’t a magical feeling, we don’t know what is!

Small Islands in the Andaman Sea, Near Phuket

4. Coral Island

Just 15 minutes away from Phuket, Coral Island is an idyllic island that will make your inner beach bum scream with joy. With golden sands contrasting deep blue waters, the island’s two beaches, Long Beach and Banana Beach, look like blown-up postcard images. However, once you rub your eyes and pinch yourself, you’ll realize that what you’re seeing is real. Coral Island has every water activity that you can possibly think of, so take advantage of everything that’s on offer and make the most of your trip.

White Sand and Turquoise Water Doesn’t Get Much Better than This

5. Khao Sok National Park

If you want to discover the greener side of Mother Nature, Khao Sok National Park might tickle your fancy. Spanning an impressive 738 square kilometers, it is one of the oldest rainforests in the world. With a lush landscape and verdant trees everywhere you look, Khao Sok National Park will be a breath of fresh air, quite literally. It’s a haven for nature lovers. Explore the bat-filled caves, take a jungle trek, and enjoy a dip in the refreshing waterfalls. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across elephants, spectacled langurs, marbled cats, rare species of birds, and many other incredible creatures on your trip.

A Majestic Elephant in the Thai Rainforest

Have you decided where to take your next trip from your Phuket home?


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