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7 Divine Thai Restaurants in Phuket to Amaze Your Taste Buds!

Tom Yam Goong - A Well Known Splicy Thai Soup

The local cuisine is undoubtedly one of the best things there is about Thailand. The aromatic spices, rich sauces, and fragrant undertones of garlic, herbs, and chili are enough to arouse anyone’s appetite. However, and unfortunately, not all restaurants are created equal. The eatery you pick to dine in could either make or break your experience.

To ensure that you get the best Thai dining experience and to save you from any disappointment, we have put together some of the best Thai restaurants in Phuket.

1. Laemhin Seafood

Located along Phuket’s gorgeous east coast, Leamhin Seafood offers spectacular waterfront views in addition to its delicious selection of seafood dishes. The restaurant is renowned for its unique culinary experience, as guests can enjoy the show the master chefs put on as they cook fresh catches of the day from the Andaman Sea using the finest ingredients. Whether you want to go for a relaxing dinner or throw an elaborate party for your guests, Laemhin Seafood is the place to be! Don’t forget to try their amazing poo pad prik Thai dam (black crab in black pepper sauce). It’s delectable!

2. Raya Restaurant

Raya Restaurant needs no introduction. Famous for being one of the few premier restaurants in Phuket Town that preserves and serves authentic Phuket-style Thai dishes, Raya Restaurant’s reputation certainly precedes it. It would be almost sinful to go to the restaurant and not order a bowl of moo hong (steamed pork with garlic and pepper). The dish is packed with flavor and is simply divine!

Delicious Fresh Thai Cuisine
Delectable Thai Cuisine

3. Go-Benz Khao Tom Haeng

Loved by both locals and out-of-town foodies, Go-Benz Khao Tom Haeng is a must-try. Serving flavorful soups with noodles and delicious rice porridges with a twist, the restaurant is normally packed with patrons. On weekends, you can often see a long queue of people eagerly waiting to savor the rice noodles and devour the crispy pork. If you want to dine at the restaurant, remember to head there before the popular dishes sell out!

4. Mom Tri’s Kitchen

If you feel like pampering yourself or spoiling a loved one rotten, head down to Mom Tri’s Kitchen, an award-winning restaurant in Phuket where all your food dreams come true. With the perfect view of the Andaman Sea to accompany classic and innovative Thai and Phuket specialties, you are sure to have a dining experience unlike any other.

Tom Yam Goong - Thai Spicy and Sour Shrimp Soup
A Must-Try Thai Dish is Tom Yam Goong

5. One Chun Restaurant

One Chun Restaurant is unquestionably one of the best restaurants on the island that serves southern Thai cuisine without compromising authenticity. With great food, reasonable prices, a fun atmosphere, excellent service, and a good location, the restaurant may sound too good to be true. But guess what? It really is that great! If you don’t believe it, go check it out for yourself!

6. Baan Rim Paa

Perched on a cliff overlooking crystal blue waters, Baan Rim Paa has a heavenly atmosphere with the potential to induce a love-at-first-sight moment. Once you compose yourself, take a seat, and take a bite out of one of the award-winning restaurant’s sumptuous dishes, you will lose yourself in the deliciousness you experience. Complete with a piano to set the mood and an impressive cocktail bar that makes sure your glass is never empty, could you ask for anything more?

Thai Cuisine in Phuket
Thai Dishes with a Twist on Offer in Phuket

7. Suay Restaurant

If the thought of rich Thai green curry with braised beef or steamed sea bass fillet with a refreshing chili and lime dressing makes your mouth water, you have got to drop whatever you are doing and make your way to Suay Restaurant. Bold and sassy with a great balance of flavors, the restaurant has earned a spot in everyone’s hearts and will definitely earn one in yours if you give it a chance.

Ready to fill your belly with delicious Thai dishes? Try it all right here in Phuket!

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