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7 Touristy Things to Do in Phuket this Weekend

Thai Boats at Koh Phi Phi Pier, Ao Nang, Phuket

It’s fun to feel like a tourist in your home town. It gives you a new perspective and a renewed appreciation for the beauty that’s right in front of you. There’s a reason Phuket is so popular with tourists and that’s because it’s such a vibrant and exciting place to be. Now that there are fewer tourists on the island, it’s the perfect time to revisit some of the most popular attractions in Phuket. Here are the top 7 places you can explore this weekend from your Phuket residence:

View of the Phuket Hill and Coast
Take in the Scenery at Karon View Point

1. Karon Viewpoint

If you skipped going to Karon Viewpoint because of the crowds, now is a good time to go visit. You can see the three major beaches from the viewpoint and the panoramic views are hard to beat. Whether you bring a car or decide to hike up the viewpoint, the most important thing is that you don’t forget to bring a camera.

2. Phuket Town Weekend Night Market

Phuket Weekend Night Market
Take A Stroll at Naka Market in Phuket

You probably know it as Naka Market. A little distance away from Phuket Town, Naka Market is still open from 4 pm on the weekends. Locals and tourists love this place since it has such a vibrant atmosphere and it’s hard to run out of things to try, buy, and do. If you just want to spend a few hours after sunset strolling around while eating buttered corn, it’s hard to beat Naka Market. Due to the pandemic, it’s no longer the busiest place to be on a weekend but a lot of stalls are still open and serving customers. The street foods are still cheap and delicious, so it’s still a great place to visit.

3. Thai Cooking Class

Thai Herbs for Cooking
Get to Know Thai Herbs and Spices

If you don’t know how to cook your favorite dishes, maybe now is the time to learn. There’s absolutely no shame in not knowing how to cook your favorite food because there are so many good restaurants in Phuket. We know how convenient it is to just drive to a nearby restaurant and enjoy the food. However, if you want to help boost the local economy while learning how to cook at the same time, there are so many options to choose from. There’s the famous Phuket Thai Cooking Academy, there’s the Thai Cooking Class by VJ, and the Kata Thai Cooking class. There are also many other cooking teachers to choose from and you can spend an entire day just cooking and having fun. If you have kids and want them to learn how to cook from professionals (and not make a mess at home!), a cooking class is a great idea.

4. Night Out on Bangla Road

Bangla road is arguably the center of Phuket when the sun goes down. The streets are full of bars, happy people, and good vibes all around. If you’re one of those locals who didn’t like going to Bangla Road before the pandemic hit, you might want to check it out now that there are fewer crowds in the area. The usual bars, massage parlors, and stores are still open and ready for customers. If you want to help boost the local economy while having a bit of fun, why not try Bangla Road?

Dancing the Night Away on Bangla Road, Phuket
Dance Your Heart Out on Bangla Road, Phuket

5. Surin Beach

A lot of tourists frequent Surin Beach because it earned the moniker ‘Millionaires Row.’ There are lots of luxury resorts nearby and if you’re looking for a relaxing weekend getaway at one of the spas in the area, it’s hard not to find one. Ever since the beach clean-up, Surin Beach feels a lot more chill than crowded. Locals know that swimming and surfing at Surin Beach can be dangerous, so if you’re going here for a swim, exercise extreme caution. If you want to spend the weekend exploring the different beaches in the area like a real tourist, don’t forget to spend at least an hour or two here.

A Person in the Surf on Surin Beach, Thailand
Check Out the Surf at Surin Beach

6. Soi Dog Foundation

Like a lot of other countries in Asia, stray dogs & cats are quite common in Thailand. If you’re a dog lover and you’d like to spend the weekend helping animals, the Soi Dog Foundation is a good place to start. They were nominated for a CNN Hero Award and are also part of Amazon’s Smile Donation Program. Donors get periodic financial reports and there is a board that oversees all operations. Soi Dog is also located in other countries like the U.S. and the U.K. Approximately 12,000 animals are sterilized every year, thanks to this foundation. A lot of tourists volunteer their time and services to help the animals as part of their itinerary. If you want to do something touristy that not only feels good but helps make the streets safer for everyone, volunteer your time at this foundation even if it’s just to spend an hour or two playing with the dogs and cats.

A Dog at Phuket Soi Dog Foundation
Make Some Furry Friends at Phuket Soi Dog Foundation

7. Mom Tri’s Kitchen

Tourists are either impressed or hesitant to recommend Mom Tri’s Kitchen to fellow tourists. We think Mom Tri’s Kitchen is an amazing place to have dinner and cocktails with a view. It’s hard to beat the romance of this place, especially during sunset. Imagine sitting on a terrace with a cocktail in hand and the sound of crashing waves while you nibble on a chef-recommended appetizer. There are over 700 wines on the menu, so fans of good-quality red or white wine will have fun choosing. A lot of tourists go here to end their trip on a high note and for good reason – you get good value and the best view. Some may think the food is on the more expensive side, but if you factor in the excellent service, the high-quality tableware, and the exotic dishes on the menu, you’re getting good value at the end of the day.

Al Fresco Dining with a Sea View in Phuket
Enjoy Al Fresco Dining with a Sea View

Did we miss anything? Let us know your favorite tourist spots that other locals love to visit!

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