BCIS and Songkran



Property in Phuket local real estate experts, Anna and Sandra take you on a tour of BCIS International School and show you what Songkran (Thai New Year and water festival) is all about on Phuket Island.

For investors and families looking to live their dream in Phuket, this episode will answer your questions about your children’s educational opportunities in Phuket. Your luxury lifestyle at your idyllic Phuket property does not mean sacrificing your child’s education. You might be surprised to learn that there’s much more to Phuket than luxury properties, 5-star hotels, beachfront residences, and parties. This is the perfect environment for families to enjoy their luxury lifestyles in paradise. Picture the perfect school with happy children from all walks of life playing together…

We talk to Laurent Minguely, CEO and Founder of BCIS about his vision for this diverse, world-class international school with 59 nationalities, based on loving going to school and making lifetime memories, such as parent/child tennis tournaments, which make the school feel like a special happy international family. The only school in Thailand with a Ministry of Education-accredited French curriculum and an English curriculum, BCIS is the perfect place to send your children and see them flourish and find their passion.

Excellently equipped to inspire with a performance art auditorium, science labs, planetarium, robotics area, and so much more, a BCIS education will give your child great memories, knowledge, and inspiration without political or religious barriers or constraints. Join us in Phuket and prepare your child for a bright future at BCIS!

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