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3 Unusual Things to Do in Phuket This Weekend

3 Unusual Things to Do in Phuket This Weekend

Located conveniently on the Andaman Sea, Phuket is a paradise on Earth. Its gorgeous sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and surreal sunsets all look like postcard images that magically came to life. If you live in Phuket or often visit this idyllic island, you will admit that the delectable food, exciting beach activities, colorful night markets, tranquil temples, and vibrant nightlife have entranced you. However, if you think you have seen all of Phuket, you would be dead wrong!

Here are a few unusual things you can do this weekend that guarantee a fun time!

1. Enjoy a Snake Show!

Did you know one of the most common phobias in humans is ophidiophobia, which is a fear of snakes? At the Phuchada Safari in Nai Harn, you can witness an awe-inspiring snake show that might help you overcome your fear. You will have the chance to see fearsome king cobras, vipers, boas, and more, up close, all while experiencing a mix of emotions. If you are not faint-hearted, you can even wear a boa constrictor around your neck like a scarf, take a picture, and share it with your friends and followers to give them a good scare.

2. Admire Phuket From the Sky!

If Phuket takes your breath away now, imagine what it would do to you when you get a bird’s-eye view of it? Take an exhilarating helicopter ride around the island and admire the view from above. You will get to see the beauty of the ocean and the verdancy of the mountains contrasted by the pale, white sand. It will undoubtedly be the most picturesque sight you have witnessed yet!

An Aerial View of the Andaman Sea in Phuket

3. Go Surfing in a Bar!

If you think you read the title wrong, we can assure you that you did not. To compensate for the lack of big waves in its oceans, Surf House in Phuket gives you perfect waves all year round, thanks to its FlowRider Surf Machine. Even on days when you don’t feel like catching waves, you can still go to SurfHouse to grab a drink and a bite and relax with friends. Do make sure to bring your beach shorts in case you change your mind. 

Friday Night at the Patong Beach Surf House in Phuket

Have a fun-filled weekend!

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