Can I Trust a Property Agent in Phuket?

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Can I Trust a Property Agent in Phuket?

When making the big life decision of buying a property, many potential investors find themselves thinking, “Can I trust my property agent?”. After all, many believe that their property agents have a commission-based compensation system and hence, have a strong incentive to push them to close deals, even if it involves misdirection.

While there have been instances where properties were sold without full disclosure, we cannot generalize about all property agents based on the malpractices of a few. There certainly are credible and trustworthy agents with strong work ethics, who also have your best interests at heart.

As we venture into this exciting new decade together, we at wanted to have a heartfelt chat with you about trust.

Renowned as the longest-reigning real estate company in Phuket, we operate as consultants, not salespeople, to educate our clients and cherish their requirements properly. We have access to Phuket’s network of sellers and developers, which means we are the first to receive property updates in real-time.

Our agents have a wide variety of top-quality properties at their disposal, so they are well equipped to find the home that is just right for you! Consulting is a labor of love, which is why we stay close to every step of the way with our clients until they have found their dream home!

Once the matchmaking is done, you can lean on your realtor to negotiate the best price for you and receive continued counsel throughout the transaction process. After the transaction is complete, our relationship with you is far from over. Ensuring that you get the property at the right price allows us to help you exit with healthy profits.

Reliable Property Agents

At the same time, we are capable of selling your property with a strong foothold in Phuket’s property market that is complemented by an ever-growing online presence.

Need a reliable property agent to find you the right home and investment opportunities? Call us at +66 (0)986717328 or send an email to for a FREE property tour!

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