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The Ultimate Checklist for Buying a Property in Phuket

Buying Real Estate in Phuket

With the seemingly long list of processes and legalities, buying a property in Phuket, or anywhere in Thailand for that matter, can appear a little overwhelming at first. However, with the right information from credible sources, the investment process can become a walk in the park.

To help ease the process of buying a property in Phuket, we have compiled a thorough checklist for you to tick off and refer back to whenever you want to ensure that you’re on track.

The Checklist

A Couple Happy in Their New Home
Use Our Checklist to Make Sure You’ll Be Happy in Your New Home

1. Basics

☑ Shortlist the neighborhoods in Phuket that you are interested in.

☑ Decide on the type of property you’d like (i.e. villa, condominium, etc.).

☑ Decide on the purpose of the property (i.e. purely investment, holiday home, or retirement home).

☑ Find a realtor or property agent that you can trust.

2. Finances

Paying a Deposit
Always Do Due Diligence Before Paying a Deposit

☑ Decide on your budget.

☑ Double-check your finances to ensure that you can afford a property within your budget.

☑ Talk to banks and/or mortgage lenders and get a mortgage pre-approval.

3. Property Hunt

☑ Identify your preferred neighborhood (for example, Kamala, Rawai, Patong, Karon, Kata, Bangtao, Surin, and so on).

☑ Decide whether you want an oceanfront, non-oceanfront, sea view, or non-sea view property.

☑ Decide whether you want your property to have professional hotel management services.

☑ Decide whether you want a leasehold or a freehold property.

☑ Decide how many bedrooms you want.

☑ Go on property tours and shortlist properties you’re interested in.

☑ Make offers and negotiate.

☑ Pay a reservation fee.

3. Due Diligence

☑ Perform due diligence on the developer.

☑ Verify the conditions of the sale agreement with all relevant parties.

☑ Verify the ownership of the land of the project you have chosen.

☑ Verify the status of EIA (environmental impact assessment) and the building permit of the property.

☑ Sign the SPA (sales and purchase agreement).

☑ Pay a deposit.

4. Completion

☑ Perform a property inspection.

☑ Register the property at the Land Department.

At Property in Phuket, we have a team of highly specialized and multilingual property agents who can guide you step-by-step through the investment process at a pace you’re comfortable with. We also have a legal team who will ensure that all the details concerning your investment are in place.

All in all, with Property in Phuket, both you and your investments will be safe.

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