Checklist: Things You Should Do Before Renting a Property


Renting has its own perks! As a tenant, you need not worry about making the requisite home improvements to the property or paying the expensive rental property taxes despite living in the property. Best of all, you have the option to move to renew the contract at the end of the lease period, which gives you greater flexibility.

However, at the same time, there are a few things you need to do before renting a condo or a villa in Phuket. We’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist for you to tick off as you search for the perfect rental property.


☑ Is the area generally safe?

☑ Do the local amenities (grocery and convenience stores, fresh markets, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals and clinics, etc…) meet your needs?

☑ Does the area have access to different modes of transportation?

☑ Is the area generally quiet or busy?

☑ Does the area get crowded during peak tourist seasons?


☑ If you’re a pet owner, ask your landlord whether pets are allowed in the property.

☑ If you own a car or a motorbike, check if the property has free parking.

☑ For condominiums and apartment buildings, ensure there is a working lift.

☑ Ask your landlord about the facilities (gym, pool, etc…) in the property that you can use.

☑ Double-check whether or not electrical appliances and/or furniture are included in the deal.

☑ Clarify whether you’ll receive a phone and/or Internet connection.

☑ Learn about the electric/unit price.

☑ Learn about the water/unit price.

☑ Check the water pressure in the toilets and kitchen and make sure the flush in the toilet works.

☑ Take pictures of the property, especially of damages, and share them with your landlord before signing the contract to avoid any future disputes.

Lease Agreement

☑ Include the duration of the lease.

☑ Include the monthly rent of the property.

☑ Include the amount to be paid as the security deposit and whether or not it’s refundable.

☑ Include termination period should you want to move out of the property.

☑ Include any additional, unexpected fees.

☑ Read the lease thoroughly and negotiate terms and conditions with the landlord, if necessary, before signing the agreement.


☑ Enlist the help of a property agency, if necessary.

☑ Enlist the help of an attorney to go over the lease agreement, if necessary.

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