Grand Himalai Construction News



The Grand Himalai Oceanfront Residences in Millionaire’s Mile, Kamala Beach, operated by the Ramada Plaza Hotel combines luxury living with 5-star hotel facilities. To tell you more about this award-winning property, project manager, John Reynolds gives us special permission to visit the site and get an update on the construction news.

Innovative building techniques allow fast-tracking so that 1 floor can be completed each week here. To get this project right, all structural engineers, architects and construction managers have weekly meetings to hone the plans and ensure construction is running smoothly. All Grand Himalai clients receive monthly progress reports with photos of the construction of their dream residences. This way, the people working on the project and the clients communicate and stay happy and up-to-date with the development.

The construction supervisors consulted with other architects and collaborated with the general manager of Ramada Group to create the best spa area with a big swimming pool. The spa area will have just 2 stories and a rooftop pool will command spectacular views of the beach. A rooftop restaurant will make dining convenient and allow residents to enjoy the view as they taste the delicious, freshly cooked cuisine.

If you would like to make Phuket your home or if you would like to invest in prime real estate on this idyllic island, please feel free to contact Anna and Sandra for all your Phuket property needs. We’ll be introducing you to some more living options on the Andaman Sea side of Phuket soon!

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