Investment Opportunity | 5%-7%+ Gains



Surin Heights offers the height of luxury in the heart of Phuket. 

Videographers, bloggers, and investors from Poland, Chris, and Jack join Anna and Sandra at Surin Heights.

The property market in Phuket has been booming for the past 5-6 years and it’s still on the rise. There are amazing opportunities for property developers and investors on the island of Phuket, with 5-7% guaranteed returns on investment properties.

One of those properties in Surin Heights, a new development that’s close to Surin Beach and offers incredible sea views. With 3-bedroom villas, Surin Heights is perfect for families looking for a dream home or investors looking to buy a piece of prime real estate. 

For those concerned about infrastructure, there are international-standard schools, hospitals and everything you could need nearby for the perfect luxury lifestyle.

Phuket is an island with a limited amount of land and a lot of construction regulations to keep it pristine. For example, only about 25% of the land here can be developed and the rest is protected as national parks. The government is also really strict about zoning, so that the beachside land does not have high-rise buildings on it, and it is also not possible to build new constructions of over 8 stories here. This means that we need to perform due diligence before developing land here. Even other parts of Thailand, like Pattaya, do not have such strict rules, but this is a good thing because it brings much more value to the property in Phuket. There are a limited number of properties available and the time to invest is now, with the value of these properties only set to appreciate. Even from the project start date to the purchase time, some of these properties see an appreciation rate of around 25-30%.

Contact us for details and an excellent pre- and post-sales service.

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