Property in Phuket

Meet Our Team to Find Your Perfect Property in Phuket

Property in Phuket is the foremost Phuket property company that was established in 2006. The company offers a full and discreet service for international clients looking for a dream home or investment property in the island paradise of Phuket.

Meet the Property in Phuket Team, a group of multilingual real estate experts who are here to guide you in your Phuket property decisions.

Sales Director, Arnauld Soudachan speaks English, French, Lao, and Thai. He has 15 years’ expertise in the Phuket property market.

Italian Property Expert, Oscar Arfi from Australia has lived in Thailand for at least 15 years and enjoys finding the perfect retirement properties and investments for his clients.

Mark Ostrovskiy is a Russian, German, and English-speaking property expert who finds the perfect properties based on client requirements.

Otilia Schroeder is an American property expert who speaks Hungarian, Romanian, and English. She has 15 years’ real estate expertise, 5 of which she spent in San Diego and Hawaii. She has been in Phuket for 10 years helping clients to find their dream holiday homes, retirement properties, and investments.

Sandra Van Calck from Belgium speaks English, Arabic, French, German, and Chinese. She has spent 2 years with Property in Phuket and looks forward to helping you find your perfect property.

David Seago from the UK has been in Phuket for 6 years and takes pleasure in finding the right properties for clients.

Anna Skorbilina is Property in Phuket’s Russian property expert. She has over 7 years’ experience in real estate and has lived in Phuket for over 3 years. She recommends Phuket for both families and investments. She takes pride in finding the right properties for clients and stresses the team’s excellent after-sales service.

If you’re thinking about buying a holiday home, retirement property, or would like to invest in a piece of paradise, feel free to contact our multilingual Property in Phuket team. They offer an excellent service in finding your dream property.