The 10 Must-Haves in Your New Home in Phuket


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If you just ran a Google search on all the must-haves in your new home and ended up on this article, there’s a good chance that you’ve recently signed the Deed of Sale and are now ready to design, furnish, and move into your new home. Or maybe you are looking for ideas for your home in Phuket. 

To help make the planning and buying processes easier, we have compiled a list of must-haves for your new home.


Curtains are not merely decor that adds to the aesthetics of a home. They also offer lots of practical benefits that make them a great addition to any household. They regulate sunlight that enters through windows, provide insulation, reduce the entry of dust particles, provide privacy, and offer quality sleep by keeping the room dark at night. If curtains aren’t a must-have on the sunny island of Phuket, we don’t know what is!

Vacuum Cleaner

With a nice breeze and lots of sand, homes in Phuket, especially those by the ocean, can collect a lot of dust. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner will prove to be a great investment. Aside from keeping your home clean, the appliance can help you maintain your overall health and that of your family by getting rid of harmful bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that lurk.

Home Security System

Phuket is a safe place to live in. Most condominiums and villa communities have a great security system in place to ensure residents’ safety. However, if you want to add an extra layer of security so that you can sleep at night with peace of mind, you can install a home security system. You can go for professional ones that could be costly, but DIY home security systems cost just a fraction of the price and are just as effective.





While we’re on the subject of security, having a safe at home is always a good idea. If you have jewelry, heirlooms, electronics containing sensitive information, and documents that are too important to lose among other valuables, you can store them all in your safe and relax knowing that they are, well, safe.

Fire Extinguishers

Most new developments in Phuket have smoke detectors installed in each unit, however, not all of them have fire extinguishers. In the unfortunate event of a fire at home, having a fire extinguisher can come in extremely handy in managing events like kitchen mishaps.

Smart Door Lock

We’ve all been locked out of our own homes simply because we forgot to bring our keys and have had to wait for a family member to get home or, in worst-case scenarios, call a locksmith. With a smart door lock, you will no longer be needing keys. All that’s required to enter your home is a passcode or your biometrics.

Step Stool

Step stools are one of those items that you never think about until you need them, like when you can’t reach the top shelf or when a lightbulb needs to be replaced. If you have a shopping list with all the things you need to buy for your new home, it’d be wise to pull up that list immediately and add in ‘step stool’. You’ll thank us later!





If you live in a large home, especially a storied-villa, Wi-Fi signals will likely be a problem. If you want to extend the signal to cover your entire home, routers will do the trick. The number of routers you’ll need depends entirely on the size of your home and the bandwidth of the router, so it’s best to follow the advice of your service provider.

Chair Felts

If you want to keep your new home in pristine condition for as long as you possibly can, you’ll definitely need chair felts. Depending on how they’re made, some chair legs can scratch hardwood floors and leave unpleasant marks. By adding chair felts to the leg of your chairs, you can prevent that. A simple solution, isn’t it?

Tool Kit

Even if your carpentry skills aren’t where you want them to be, having a tool kit at home can help you handle a wide range of small jobs around the house instead of calling for a carpenter and spending money for even minute problems with DIY solutions.

We hope you now feel prepared to stock up your new home with all the necessities. Good luck with your move!

If you are looking for expert advice on properties in Phuket then feel free to contact us, we would love to help you.

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