What Are the Perks of Living in a Villa?




Different people have different visions of what their dream home should look like. For some, it may be a cozy apartment sitting on a high floor of a condominium, overlooking the glistening sea. For others, it may be a luxurious villa complete with a breezy terrace and an alluring pool.

Whichever of the two types of homes you prefer, you can’t deny that villas have a unique charm to them that makes you say, “Oh I wish I lived there!”. Here are some of the perks of living in a villa in Phuket:

You can enjoy the great privacy.

Villas, especially those with larger compounds in gated communities, offer ample privacy for you to go on with your daily life with little to no interruptions from your neighbours. You can host gatherings with family and friends, chit-chat without the fear of causing nuisance to your next-door dwellers, and even play music at decently-loud volumes.

Your home is exclusive to you.

When you live in a villa, all the space that is within your compound walls is yours. Unlike in condominium settings, you won’t share structures like walls and pipes, or have common shared areas like swimming pools and clubhouses. You’ll have greater flexibility to make your own rules and live as you please.

You have the creative freedom to design.

When it comes to design, each villa community has its own set of rules. Some may opt for uniform exteriors while granting you freedom to design the interiors to your liking, whereas others may give you complete freedom to design both the interiors and exteriors of your home as you wish. Regardless, villas generally give you a lot of creative freedom when it comes to design.



They are pet-friendly.

With larger spaces, both indoor and outdoor, villas are perhaps the most pet-friendly properties in Phuket as they give our furry friends more freedom to run and play around.

You can enjoy the private open spaces.

Many villas in Phuket come with an outdoor swimming pool, a garden, and a terrace, all of which are private to the villas’ owners. They allow for a great lifestyle as you can, for example, allocate a play area in the garden for the kids, set up a barbecue grill near the swimming pool, and use the terrace for your morning routine.

You can expand your home depending on your needs.

If you ever run out of rooms in a villa, you will have the liberty to build vertically to expand your home as required if you have permission to alter the exteriors.

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